Climbing center Monte Cervino

  • Outdoor Climbing


  • Netherlands

  • Paid


  • I need to rent gear and ropes


  • Artificial and Natural Holds


  • Various


Climbing centre Monte Cervino is the highest artificial climbing mountain in the Netherlands where you can climb both indoors and outdoors.

The unique construction of the Monte Cervino allows for both indoor and outdoor climbing. The outer wall has an area of 1350 m2 and is 34.6 meters high. There are dozens of routes over friction plates, cracks, perpendicular and overhanging walls.Climbing the outer wall is very close to climbing actual rock. This is because you have to clip your sets yourself and there is the possibility to multi-pitch. Conversion is not necessary, relays are present.Those who can lead independently can get to work outside with their own equipment. If you are not (yet) allowed or able to climb independently, you can book an instructor to guide you. Keep in mind that there are no ropes hanging on the outer wall as standard. Therefore, climbing under supervision will always take place indoors, unless otherwise agreed.

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