Klimmuur Kalymnos

  • Outdoor Climbing


  • Netherlands

  • Paid


  • I need to rent gear and ropes


  • Artificial Holds


  • Various


At a unique location - directly against the new P+R multi-storey car park and right next to Olympos – a climbing wall, christened ‘Kalymnos’ after the Greek island well known for its excellent climbing, has been erected. Not only Kalymnos’ location is unique; its design, construction and height are extraordinary too. Kalymnos consists of two concrete walls of which the higher one reaches a height of 30.8 metres, thus making it the highest climbing wall in the Central Netherlands. Halfway up, the higher wall is set at an 8 degrees angle. The lower wall (14.2 metres) is set at a 15 degrees angle. Both walls can be climbed from either side.
In total, the walls allow for 20 ropes and a minimum of 40 different climbing routes. These routes will be regularly altered to allow for sufficient variety

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