Mountain Network Nieuwegein

  • Indoor Climbing

  • Netherlands

  • Paid


  • I need to rent gear and ropes


  • Artificial Holds


  • Various


A climbing gym from Mountain Network

Mountain Network Nieuwegein has a wide range of climbing and mountain sports articles. There is a lot of hardware in stock for climbing, bouldering and adventure climbing.

The location has a wide range of climbing shoes from the Italian mountain sports brand La Sportiva. There are also some models from the American Mad Rock available. The Mountain Network mountain sports shop is distinguished by a huge range of 12 different climbing shoes, which are often well stocked.
Mammut is Mountain Network's 'preferred supplier' when it comes to hardwear, which is reflected in the wide range of climbing harnesses, carabiners, climbing ropes and backpacks from this Swiss top brand.

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