Boulderwall Schieveste

  • Outdoor sheltered bouldering

    Overschieseweg, Schiedam

  • Netherlands

  • Free


  • I have climbing shoes


  • Artificial Holds


  • Various


The first and largest freely accessible boulder wall in the Netherlands

The largest public bouldering location in the Netherlands is located under the railway viaduct on the west side of the Schie in Schiedam.In 2019, the municipality of Schiedam opened Schieveste bouldering wall together with Prorail. The wall located under the railway viaduct is the first large, freely accessible bouldering wall in the Netherlands. The bouldering wall is 228 square meters and has 675 climbing holds.The bouldering wall is managed by Lentiz Life College, which is located just steps from the wall. The school has included bouldering in the gymnastics curriculum, so students will be there regularly. To introduce people to bouldering, a clinic is held every Wednesday afternoon until September.The handles are replaced and the routes adapted every six months.