Recreation area Spaarnwoude

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    Velsen ZUid

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The Spaarnwoude Recreation Area is home to the free and freely accessible Spaarnwoude climbing wall. The structure has been made with casts of the rocks of Beez in the Belgian Ardennes.

The artificial climbing wall in Spaarnwoude has free entrance all year round and is publicly accessible. The concrete structure is made from concrete casts of actual rock formations in the Belgium climbing area Beez and thus offers climbing with a surprisingly natural feel. Each route follows a stack of concrete blocks which are 1,2 meter wide. Some exceptions exist and several variations by crossing blocks are possible. The wall is suitable for novice and advanced climbers. You can climb two types of routes: routes with plastic climbing grips on the east side and routes with grips made of the concrete wall itself on the west side and part of the east side. The routes that use the rock structure are similar in climbing style to climbing on rock.Some repairs were carried out in the summer of 2019. This has changed the difficulty of some routes slightly compared to before.