Devils Cave

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  • Netherlands

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  • I have gear and ropes


  • Natural Holds


  • Moderate


A vast and beautiful cave

The Montagne Saint -Pierre (Sint-Pietersberg) is located in Wallonia at Visé-Lanaye, in Flanders at Riemst-Kanne, and in the Netherlands at Maastricht, this region extends between the valley of the Geer and the lower Meuse.

The massif was formed in the Upper Cretaceous around 130 million years ago, the rock is tufa, a variety of chalky, white, yellowish, soft, and porous limestone, containing many detrital elements.

The site conceals vast underground quarries opening into numerous sometimes imposing cliffs.
Among the largest of these underground networks are the quarries of Lanaye and Caster which extend over several ten kilometers, that of Caster extends as far as Holland.
The whole forms impressive labyrinths with high rooms ranging from 10 to 15 meters in height with galleries that intersect in all directions, the totality of the Belgian - Dutch networks has no less than 300 kilometers of underground. We visited several cavities, including that of Caster.