Neoliet Heerlen

  • Indoor Climbing

    Stadionbaan, Heerlen

  • Netherlands

  • Paid


  • I need to rent gear and ropes


  • Artificial Holds


  • Various


Since 1992 Neoliet receives visitors in a warm atmosphere, where you can work on your fitness, mental and physical strength. Neoliet forms a unique community where everyone is welcome and where new friendships are formed. In all freedom, you can climb, when and with whom you want.

Neoliet has 12 climbing and bouldering gyms in the Netherlands and Germany, each with its own identity. Team Neoliet has been sharing its passion for climbing with you every day for almost 30 years. We look forward to seeing you!

This facility has 160 routes, varies between 8-18m high, and covers and climbing area of 1200 square meters.

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